NABU Homebrew

The homebrew option allows the developing of custom applications and loading them to the NABU PC. This page provides everything you need to know to write custom NABU software.


DJ's GitHub repo with the NABULIB z88dk development library to create games, CP/M software, and demos. There is also example sourcecode for complete games, such as Brick Battle and GameManYeah!


Homebrew Software

Homebrew apps that you can download and run on your NABU. These are programs created by the community.

Get Software

NABU z80 Assembler Tutorial

Use a compiler and assembler example source code to create a binary that will run on the NABU's z80 processor.

Assembler Tutorial

NABU z80 C Tutorial

Download and compile an example Hello World C program that bounces words around the screen while playing music.

C Tutorial